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Doubles League taking entries...

It looks like the Open Doubles league is starting to get some interest! It only takes two players, two nights per month for this exciting new version of the game. Starts Oct 29.

The Basics:

Team - 2 players on each team

Game - 8 end games

Rocks - each team throws 5 rocks per end

Sweeping -skip or thrower or both can sweep the rock

Start of end - each end starts with 2 rocks in play. The team who wins the toss at the start of the game decides if they want the hammer for the first end. If that team chooses the hammer, they will place their rock on the back of the button touching the tee line. The opposition will then place a rock on the centre line as a half-way guard and will throw the first rock. (Vice versa if the team who wins the toss chooses the give up the hammer). Following the first end, the team who scores will throw first in the next end (with a centre guard).

Throwing order - The player throwing each team's first rock of the end, must also throw the last. The other player throws the middle 3 rocks. (the player throwing first stone can change throughout the game if you choose)

Modified Free Guard Zone - A rock may NOT be removed from play until the 4th rock of the end, regardless of whether it is a guard or in the house. (The team WITH the hammer's second stone will be the first rock that can you can throw a hit to remove a previously placed stone)

This will be an interesting way to curl a game, hopefully we get some teams up to the challenge!

Check out the CCA rules here (note that they have mixed, we are keeping it open).



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